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Stabicraft 1850 Supercab

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The 1850 Supercab is a reboot of a classic Stabicraft model, revisited and reinvigorated with a new and modern aesthetic reflective of Stabicraft’s latest design DNA.

The 1850 Supercab is a reboot of a classic Stabicraft model, revisited and reinvigorated with a new and modern aesthetic reflective of Stabicraft’s latest design DNA.
Boat Details
  • Make: Stabicraft
  • Name: 1850 Supercab
  • Model Number: N/A
  • Year: 2022
  • Length: 5.69 metres
  • Dry Weight: 740 kg
  • Hull Material: Aluminium
  • Hull Type: N/A
  • Passenger Capacity: 6
  • Boat Usage: N/A
  • Steering: N/A
  • Warranty: 5 Years

One of the most popular boats locally in Stabicraft's lineup, the 1850 has received an overall and fresh update for 2023. Slotting in the perfect size range with enough capability and size for offshore work but yet compact enough for easy towing and storage. The 1850 Supercab is a reboot of a classic Stabicraft® model, revisited and reinvigorated with a new and modern aesthetic reflective of Stabicraft’s latest design DNA. We have listened to feedback on the previous model and have incorporated some significant changes that greatly improved what was already a sensational boat. It’s longer, wider, drier, carries more fuel and delivers a massive interior volume where even the biggest statures will feel comfortable at the helm.

The all-new 1850 Supercab "Adventure" package retains the no-frills appeal of the 1850-X1 it replaces, however it has a wider scope for upgrades.  EVA foam is now standard fitment on coamings and topside surfaces, as is our new “Blade” seat support system that allows for the accommodation of a 70L split lid cooler bin beneath them. The Adventure 1850 Supercab comes with dual frameless sliding windows port & starboard and a 150L underfloor fuel tank.  Options may be chosen from all of the most popular upgrades, including drum winch, wiper, hydraulic steering, elite bolster seating, bait board & transom walkthrough.

The 1850 Supercab Sportfish package raises the level of standard fitment by also including a raft of popular options that include Stage-1 paint, elite bolster seats, cabin lining, hydraulic steering, baitboard and even more. EVA foam is standard fitment on coamings and topside surfaces while full EVA flooring remains a selectable option. This package is made up of all the most popular options and caters for the buyer looking for a compact hardtop boat that ticks all the boxes.

The bow configuration has undergone a major upgrade. The bow rail is now bolt-on and it’s supplied with a powder coated finish as standard. The bow coamings have been flared out to eliminate the traditional nose cone and to produce a larger platform on the bow with the fairlead moved sub-flush where it’s out of the way. A forward anchor bin now accommodates a drum winch on the Sportfish package and the compartment is self-draining through scuppers in the forward coamings, well above the waterline. A hatch is included for light & ventilation in the forward cabin and this provides easy access to the anchor when recovering or deploying the anchor manually.

The upper transom is shared with the 1850 Fisher and includes options for a removable bait board assembly or a fully-equipped Live Bait Tank with a sight glass in the front. Both options are powder coated as standard. The familiar fold-down corner seats also double as a useful step for climbing into or out of the boat and a transom walkthrough gate is optional on the port side. A large So-Pac hatch encloses a large rigging box for battery and rigging accessories.

A new dash design accommodates up to 16" displays and in combination with the full-width upper binnacle provides plenty of space for all the electronic bells and whistles. Cabin lining is included in the Sportfish package consisting of EVA liners to match the coaming tops. There is accommodation for either flush mount or side-mounted throttles and the EVA padding extends to the footrest and centre threshold.

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